Marketing Newbie? Check Out These Marketing Tools!

Marketing Newbie? Check Out These Marketing Tools!

As the member of a slew of social media marketing groups on Facebook and Slack, I notice a ton of repeat questions. One of them is: “What websites and marketing tools will be most helpful for getting started?” You can join our group where we are going to answer all of these questions by clicking here

I have been doing this for a few years now, and have sites that I swear by. Here is an extensive list that will hopefully help you take your social media marketing game to the next level!


Social Media & Marketing News:

Adage requires a subscription, but you can get a helpful amount of content for free every month. In our opinion, blogs and marketing news platforms are some of the best marketing tools out there. I use AdAge the most for social media news and staying on top of what big brands are doing. After all, if there is a trend I may have missed, the big brands have budget to try them out. So, oftentimes, I find new ideas and technology here.

AdWeek is similar to AdAge but also a little different—wow, Jana…not descriptive. I come here for the same reasons that I go to AdAge. I feel like AdWeek is on top of the latest news, and I really like the personality of their blogs. They are generally really fun to read and they have great visuals.


This is one of the places where I get the best info. I feel like they gear their content directly to business and agency owners. I go to HubSpot for sales tips, marketing trends, and basically any advice that you could think of. They also offer great certification programs that you can show off on your website once completed.


Continued Education:


I have never been one to really love school, but Udemy is perfect for me! Find a class with tons of reviews and five stars. There are generally 40-100 classes per course and each is about 15-20 minutes long. If you find a good curator, it’s attention grabbing. I have taken courses on SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and much more. I can say that, specifically, my PPC knowledge went from 0-100. I feel like I could go up against any ad giant and have tricks up my sleeves that they have never seen. With classes lasting about 15 minutes, I never have an excuse of ‘no time’, because there is always a few minutes to get a class in. Udemy definitely ranks in my top three favorite marketing tools! 


I don’t just run social media, though this is where my skills are the strongest. I also create websites and work on branding for various customers. Codecademy was an interactive (and free!) way to learn coding, and though I am no computer engineer, now I can definitely work my way around HTML to get the desired effects that I want.



The above are amongst our favorites. I play these all week in the background while I work on image creation and editing. It is a great way to learn while working on something artistic.




Pocket, pocket, pocket! I love this app! Go to, sign up for an account, download the chrome extension and start saving articles as you peruse the web. It puts articles into nice organized folders that you can check back in on later. I try to be strict with what I do during work hours. If I am not taking a class or working for a client, I don’t want to be aimlessly reading articles. However, I tend to be tempted when I stumble on them in the middle of the work day. With pocket, I just add it to my folder and then read it from any device with the pocket website or app before I go to bed. It is one of my all time faves!

Newsfeed Eradicator

We can all get stuck stalking our ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s fiancé from time to time, but it is a big no-no for me during the work day. So, I found the Newsfeed Eradicator Google plugin and instead of the Facebook newsfeed popping up when I go to the site to check on clients or our company’s page, it shows a motivational quote. And, 70% of the time it motivates me; 30% I wish that I saw my newsfeed. But, that’s the point! Stop yourself from wasting time and know that the 70% of motivation is well worth not spending hours becoming the next FB Sherlock Holmes.


Scheduling Platforms


While some of the platforms we use are top secret, we have been very vocal about our undying love for CoSchedule. It is just simply a content marketer’s dream. You can find out more of what we think here

Pinterest Google Chrome Extension

Pinterest is a hard one for me. This platform takes so long to grow, and the amount of content needed to be consistently growing is sickening. But, once your Pinterest is up and running, it can be one of the biggest assets to your company. Luckily, CoSchedule makes it easy to post to your favorite board right from its beautiful platform. And, if you want to just quickly add something that you come across going through images on Google or looking at Instagram on your desktop, the chrome extension is extremely handy.


These marketing tools have helped make my workflow flow much more smoothly. Want more tips and tricks? Click here to join our marketing group on Facebook. 

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