Here Are The Best Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Here Are The Best Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

As marketers, we often need to create and post photos on the fly. Whether you are a photographer, create memes, or alter images to make them your own, you will need apps on your phone that allow you to get work done on the go. My phone is chock-full of apps—some good, some bad—that I have tried over the years, and I want to share with you the very best of the best.

Best Apps For Photography Editing

Whether I am making a meme, or taking photos of people, I always like to spiff up the photography in some way. I have a few favorite apps for this process, and it all depends on what I want to do.

For Photoshop-type editing, I use Facetune. This app allows you to stamp out imperfections (for instance, if you accidentally get a bit of your camera strap in the photo), enhance details, overlay with cool themes, and it’s the app some celebrities use for an instant slim-down (not recommended). The app costs $2.99 for all of its features, but as a lifetime value, I think it is totally worth it!

The other app I love is Afterlight. I find that this app really can transform my photos from dull and boring to bright and beautiful! It has the same sort of features as other photo-editing apps, but in my experience, does a far better job than its competitors. You can add frames, overlays, themes and much more in this app. When I purchased this app it was $1.99. Again, for the lifetime value that I get, it is completely worth it.

Best Apps For Creating Memes

Canva and PicMonkey are my top picks for memes on the go. These apps are direct competitors, and depending on the user, you may favor one over the other. Canva has a lot more in terms of helping you find the center of a photo, and acts a lot like Photoshop. However, I favor PicMonkey due to its larger library of fonts and its ease of use.

Another app that you could use to make memes, made by some of the biggest meme creators themselves, is Momus Meme Studio. This app is free if you don’t mind its logo being in the bottom right corner, but for a small fee, you can have that removed and overlay with your own logo or those of your clients. I haven’t really dug into this as much as I would like, because I make almost every meme in Photoshop. But, I have heard that it is easy to use and great for those times that you think of something hilarious, but don’t have your computer around (which is almost every time for me)!

creating meme with momus meme studio

For Motivational Posts

It is fairly simple to make a font-filled motivational post, but some apps are better than others. My favorite of all is Fontspiration. You can utilize themes like Star Wars for a fun and nerdy post, or create your own themes with a blank canvas. I have seen some really cool things done with this app, and I love to play around making cute sayings stand out.

Working on the go can be rough, but thanks to these technologies, our lives in marketing are made a bit easier. Do you have an app that you find yourself logging into daily to make posts? I want to hear about it! Tell me more below.

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